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“Ibusa” pronounced “Igbuzo” (Igbu-Uzo) indigenes refer to themselves as “Igbuzo.” Still a lot of people exist who in their reference to the town spell the name of the town as either “Igbuzor” or “Ibuzor.” Ibusa is believed to be the first settlement among the Asaba-Ibusa-Ogwashi-uku axis thus the other version “Ibuzo” (Were you first to settle within this axis?) They are also known as ''Isunambogwu'' because of their military prowess in the olden times. The actual native name of the town before the British anglicized it was “Igbuzo”

The Ibusa people are Igbos living west of the Niger Basin, six miles west of Asaba in Delta State of Nigeria. The government of Ibusa is arranged into three main hierarchies: the smallest unit called the government of the Umunna, followed by the government of the Ogbe and the highest, the government of Ibusa.

The Ogbes in Ibusa are divided into three war chiefs called Odogwu, Uwolo, and Iyase.

In IZU IBUSA, the elders will start a debate and any one can stand up and talk. After all views are heard, the Diokpa-Ibusa through his Oga will order the Ndi Nze present to go aside and deliberate over the issues and bring back a decision. He may order all persons from a named age-grade upwards, to go out and deliberate. The nature of the matter will determine the body called upon to deliberate. This type of deliberation is called Ipu Ume

Greetings in Ibusa
Greetings in Ibusa are remarkable and usually follow a pattern of whether one is an indigene or native of any given quarter. In Umuekea Quarter, for example, while a native is greeted with "Omogwu", Omogwu is often returned with Omogwu. a woman being married in that quarter is greeted with "Oliofe."
In Umuodafe, while a native is greeted with "Ede" a woman being married in that quarter is greeted with "Amuapa."


By far the most popular festival in the entire Ibusa is the Iwu festival celebrated in just two quarters of the town (Umuodafe and Ogbeowelle) That of Umuodafe is considered particularly more attractive in that its celebration coincides around the Christmas season. This occasion attractively draws indigenes and non indigenes from afar that come to watch this Festival.- Click here to read more 


Ibusa Proverb

A farmer does not boast that he has had a good harvest until his stock of yams lasts till the following harvest season. Click Here to Read More



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