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The Otu Mbonsionyenwu Obulunjoa Dancing Group Of Ibusa


The Group was popularly known as “Mbiosionyenwu” and emerged in the music group of Anioma community in the 1980s surpassing the musical popularity of other groups of its era within the period. It became the most highly organized group in the town with membership strength of nearly 100, many of who were not musicians but assisted the group in one way or the other.

The name “Mbosionyenwu Obulunjoa” means “the day that one dies, he departs with his sins”. It was indeed a fitting name with social relevance to the traditional and moral ethics guiding the existence of man. It was also a name derived from the sense of what a man owes his personal God as well as mankind in entirety.


Every member of the group was treated with equality. Certain items and a token fee were required for membership n any interested individual. Memebership of the group spread beyond Ibusa nativity committed members to the philosophical creed of togetherness which binds Anioma musically.

The group had the following in its membership fold:

  1. Dana Okonji (Agility) as the lead vocalist
  2. Nosike Ogbolu (Popularly called Mada) as the second lead vocalist
  3. Sunday Okolie (Otangwolo) as the third lead vocalist
  4. Nwaneka Oraegbu as a member of chorus group
  5. Nkwono (Nwadibia) chorus
  6. Nwabudike Omodu, chorus group
  7.  Ikedinma Nwajine, played the Big Gong (Uboma)
  8. Otegwu, Small Pot
  9. Egbuna Chiwuzo, Big Pot
  10. Raphael Nwankwo (Surgeon) Gong
  11. Andrew Okafor, Maracas
  12. Sunday Okpobu, Maracas
  13. Emeka Agidi, Maracas
  14. Onuora Okocha (Degeeg) maracas
  15. Ekpe, Maracas
  16. “Prof” Nwadishi, native Horn

The group which utilized traditional musical instrument in its performance was led by Dana Okonji popularly known as Agility. The Umuodafe, Ibusa-born Mbonsionyenwu lead vocalist according to the Wikipedia Encyclopedia is regarded as one of the three greatest Ibusa traditional musicians with Ogbogu Okonji and John Nwanze Nwabuwa (Agbodi). Many followers of Anioma music regard Otu Mbosionyenwu Obulunjoa as a social club with purely Anioma interest at hand as reflected in their music.

Leadership of the group

The group demonstrated the distinctness of “Otu” (group). The group won patronage in Nosike Ikpo, an Ibusa second republic senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Queen Ebedike also known as Queen Ebubedike was the patroness of the group. She was born in Umuafene, Isieke, Umuekea in Ibusa, Delta State . Her contributions to the progress of the group were huge and had positive social impacts on Ibusa and indeed Anioma.

It was her home that the group frequently met and carried out some of its rehearsals. The attention she accorded the group was wonderful and as a gem, the musical group mourned her departure ruefully. She was the light that shone on Anioma.

How the group performed

Dana Okonji injected life in the performance of the group. Nosike Ogbolu contributed too, while Otangwolo was noted for the use of his aphorisms. A major departure from the vocal presentation of songs was the duty of Otangwolo, who remarkably possessed a wonderful memory. His aphorism touched on every social sphere of life.

Album presentation

All the works of the group were done under the services of Elfrida Records which had its studio located at Fadeyi, Yaba wing of Lagos . The group's producer was Eze Obata from Umuekea Quarter of Ibusa. The recording and mixing engineer was A. M. Ikebuaku. Graphics were done by Kasi Azike and albums were printed by Ibukunola Printers Ltd.

Impacts of Message

The relevance of Otu Mbonsionyenwu can mostly be felt in the unity of Anioma people. The group can also be remembered for its agitation for the creation of Anioma State which helped to spread awareness beyond the Ibusa society.


Many songs of the group can still be heard today. However, critics of the group condemn the quick vanishing of the group in the musical scene almost as quickly as the group entered the scene. The fans of the group blame this on lack of sponsors for the group's albums.


  1. Nkwuka Special
  2. Idaibo
  3. Ogo Dinma
  4. Iweanya
  5. Olizele
  6. Otukpokpolokpo

By Emeka Esogbue 


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