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Okpuzu Water Fall

The Okpuzu Fall so named in the language of the people is a water fall located within Umuekea, Ibusa, Oshimili Noprth Local Government Area of Nigeria. It is head of Oboshi stream which for centuries remained the source of water for the domestic use of the people. Typically, water from Okpuzu flows and rapidly drops in elevation over a rock that has been naturally formed over the centuries. The velocity of the water is so high that the sound of the water is often heard.  

Water from Okpuzu is pure and fresh with its base flowing into the Oboshi River . The water can be warm or cold temperature depending on whether it is day or night. The Okpuzu Water Fall is a lovely place for picnicking, swimming and enjoying natural views. Wild animals especially monkeys of various species and plants can be found in the forest surrounding the Water Fall. There are also trees with the noise of birds often heard in the open air. There is a very deep pool formed just below the Water Falls which thrills visitors as the water frequently hits the ground.

It is difficult to classify or ably state the type of Okpuzu Water Fall because it has not been explored but from observance its category may fall within the Block or Cascade type of Water Fall because it descends from the relatively wide Oboshi River and falls on various rocks. Neither its height nor clear drop can be determined at the moment because official measurements have not been taken by the appropriate authorities in the state in any survey.

It is Ibusa’s top tourist attraction and visitors can take a trip to the Okpuzu at any time of the day but nights as it is indeed a simple affair touring the site although visitors to the attraction are naturally expected to descend down to it and ascend when leaving the Water Fall because it is located on a hill. They may therefore not be expected to visit it while wearing shoes or other foot-wears. The Okpuzu may be considered a bit located in isolation of the major city of Ibusa and visits to the place may generally take place during the dry season when the soil will be very dry and not slippery to ascend and descend. An indigenous travel guide may be in the best position to guide one through to the place though it is completely safe without any danger whatsoever. A climb to the place is considered very interesting and pleasant.

Traditionally, females are never expected to be found at the Water Fall because from time grown up males may be found swimming in the place naked. No taboo is however attached to this. It is hoped that with time when the Water Falls will be turned to a full-fledged tourist attraction, females will be allowed right into the Okpuzu Water Falls of the Oboshi River, a stream that has in the oral tradition of the people of Ibusa guided the people and town against external aggressions of any sort since the people found themselves in the land today called Igbuzo in the indigenous language of the people.

By Emeka Esogbue 


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