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Ibusa Traditional Titles

In Ibusa as a male child grows from childhood to manhood, he takes a series

of hierarchically graded titles. The three most important titles are the Nkpisi,

Alo, and Eze or Ozo or Nze or Obi.


Note:   Eze title is also called Nze or Ozo or Obi or Ime Mmuo.

Some people call Ozo men redcap chiefs. Some refer to them by the

greeting of Igwe . It is also important to note that only Ibusa men whose fathers are dead have the prerogative to take the ALO and EZE Titles.


The rigid order of taking is as follows:  Nkpisi, Alo and Eze.




All persons who have taken the title of Nkpisi are members of a group that operate at the level of the minimal lineages but have social and political consequences at the Ogbe and town levels.


Only freeborn Ibusa men are allowed to take this title. It is the title at the bottom of the hierarchy of titles. It is a title that gives the individual the right to full Ibusa citizenship and the right to enjoy the democratic freedom available in the unwritten constitution of Ibusa. For example, the person can attend meetings and talk during deliberations. If an Ibusa man killed him, he was entitled to compensation. He has right to live in Ibusa except he has committed an abomination whose sanction is life ostracism. He can be Diokpa of his lineage or Ogbe or Ibusa if he lives long enough to be the oldest man and if he satisfies the other constitutional conditions.  




A man becomes a member of the Ndi-ichie group if he takes the Alo title mentioned above. Ndi-ichie deals with disciplinary matters related to all members of their group and those below their group. They also participate in decision-making process in Izu Ibusa, that is the traditional Ibusa political forum.  




The Eze title is the highest and it involves the payment of a heavy sum of money and liberal feasting accorded to members of the Nze association.


Ndi Eze is a strong political decision-making group in Ibusa. In Ibusa political forum, they are called upon to decide major issues and they play a major role in deciding land cases. They constitute a major group in the leadership and authority structure of Ibusa.  


  Otu Omu.

Any free Ibusa woman of substance could take the title of omu by the payment of a large sum of money and by giving a feast to members of Omu group. Omu are members of the women association called Otu Omu.


This group has the traditional role of imposing fines on men and women who violate the traditional codes guiding the sanctity of the extended family life of Ibusa. They attend IZU Ibusa and constitute a major pressure group in Ibusa political system.  


All traditional doctor-diviners are members of this powerful association called Ndi Dibia. Eze Dibia heads the group.


The Dibia form an important organ in the decision-making process and in the crystallization of public opinion in Ibusa by manipulating the art of divination. In the past they helped to fix the dates, for military, ritual precautions ought to be taken.  They also have the knowledge of healing herbs, and sorcery remedies.  



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