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We have designated this area  for our children so that they can learn more. Don't forget that learning should be fun too. 


Did you know....

Before there was money, people used the 'bartering' system, swapping goods for other goods. The first people known to have used actual coins were the the Egyptians.

The smallest money ever used was called Obelas. Used in Greece, the money was smaller than an apple seed. People used to keep them in their mouths, and hope they wouldn't sneeze or swallow!


Where does money go?

You probably have a piggy bank. Did you know the name came from a type of clay? The clay was called pygg.

People stored their money in jars made of this clay. They weren't shaped like pigs until much later. But, money isn't very safe kept in a clay jar and won't increase in value if you leave it there.

That's why many people today prefer to deposit their money in a bank, building society or other type of savings scheme. This way, they know it is safe and can watch it grow into even more money as it earns interest.


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