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You Can Belong to Ibusa Newest Organization, Association of Ibusa Professionals (aiprof)

Your membership of the above Ibusa-based Association is welcome. The Association of Ibusa Professionals otherwise referred to as “AIPROF” is a proposed Association being facilitated by Emeka Esogbue and Florence Bob-Okonkwo both of Ibusa natives from Umuekea Quarters of Ibusa. Emeka Esogbue is a Historian and International Relations graduate, Author of publications, Researcher and Public/Political Affairs analyst, while Florence Bob-Okonkwo is also graduate with burning desires and great ideas capable of transforming Ibusa and giving the youths of the town a perfect sense of belonging, clear cut purpose and wherewithal ideas that will lead to the growth and development of the entire town of Ibusa. Both Esogbue and Bob-Okonkwo are individuals possessing the ability to think clearly, critically analyze situations and effective in society building.

Association of Ibusa Professionals is an idea aimed at empowering the youths of the town with the involvements of array of elders who are achievers in their different chosen professions in championing the cause of the develop0ment the town socially, economically and politically, and in all matters requiring development. It is a non-partisan and non-politically motivated Organization of any kind, freely open to all who certify the requirements of the Association, but such persons must have the desire and intellectual capabilities deemed capable of shooting up the town to greater heights.

Aims and Objects  

Below are some of the objects the Association aims at:

  1. Progressive advancement of the cause of Ibusa

  2. Youth Empowerment through the organizations of Youth programs

  3. Cultural advancement of Ibusa and by extension the Anioma region

  4. Social development of the town through involvement of the youths of the town in social activities such as Sports, Musical promotions, Beauty pageants, TV reality shows etc

  5. Economic and political development of the town

  6. Avenue for the settlement of minor matters involving the youths of the town etc


Membership is free and open to all Ibusa indigenes and those interested in the progressive cause of the town, they however must be identifiable with known professions. Ibusa indigenes and other interested persons residing outside the town, State of Delta or Nigeria may also register their membership with this Association and contribute their quota towards the development of our one and only great town, Ibusa.


Venue of meetings shall solely be Ibusa at a particular place which will soon be communicated to members interested in becoming members of the Association. The date of meetings shall also be communicated to would be members’ e-mails to be supplied by them.


The date and time of inaugural meeting shall also be sent to interested members at a period well before December, the month of the inaugural meeting.

The association may also from time to time rely on certain individuals of Ibusa extraction who are great achievers in working out the modalities and seeking advice from them. The Association will also seek and gain the social strength of credible Ibusa Indigenes and liaise with Ibusa sports Club in setting up a football Club for the town with great and willing financier(s)

Please note that the Association will formally take off in December 2008 in Ibusa at a place yet to be designated. All genuine friends of Ibusa and Anioma are welcomed to participate by contributing suggestions and ideas which will lead to the growth of the Association.

For membership details and general information regarding the Association, send your enquiries to: The Association:, Emeka: or Florence:

So hurry now and become a member of Ibusa Association of Professionals.

By Emeka Esogbue 

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