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Top 10 Ibusa Persons of the year 2009 and what critics say about them

The year 2009 has come and gone but those that made it socially useful to Ibusa will remain evergreen in the minds of the natives of the town.


Standing on number 10 is the elegant Patty Mozea. His profile is rising so fast in the town and he has shown that he is quite willing to give out more to the town in terms of social development of the community. He has been adjudged as the friend of the youths and has all it takes to better the lives of the people of the town if given a chance politically. A lot of people will like to see him identify more with youth programs.


Number 9 is the indefatigable Emmanuel “Kwasa” Amatokwu the local football administrator in the town. The Umuidinisagba-Ibusa born man of the youths till date is still respected by the youths of the town. He is the chief organizer of the annual inter-village football tournament in the town. In 2009, he was appointed a member of the committee set up to reconcile feuding parties in the town. He is a passionate lover of Ibusa.


Chief Sebastine Adigwe occupies the number 8 position in the town. He is still a force to reckon with in the town. His unassuming lifestyle which led to the development of infrastructures in the town is still being admired. Chief Adigwe is a lover and respecter of Ibusa sons and daughters and he remains special in the minds of his kinsmen any day. 


The former Police spokesman, Frank Odita stands tall on number 7. His useful advice towards issues of safety of lives and properties in the town places him on this position. He is still very much relevant to the town. However, critics affirm insecurity which abounds in the town in spite of his figure.


The Umueze born Frank Atuche enjoys number 6 position. He rose to this position courtesy of the charity works he favored the town with. The former Bank PHB Chief remains dear to the people of Ibusa because of his wonderful assistance to humanity in the town. A lot of his kinsmen will surely remember him for bringing Bank PHB, the only new generation Bank in the town with 24 hours of ATM Banking services. He needs to establish closer relationship with the youths of the town.


Professor Pat Utomi of the Lagos Business School and former presidential aspirant with his youth oriented foundation programs for the town has recently looked the way of the town and the town is beginning to respect him for this while hoping that he adds more to better his hometown. The Ibusa town needs to feel his social impacts more than the outside world.


Number 4 position welcomes Chief Peter Pan A. Okeze. Chief Okeze is arguably rising in profile on daily basis as the most popular figure in the town courtesy of his charity works to the people of the town. His contributions to the town have been rewarded with the chieftaincy titles of Kpakpando of Ibusa (The Star that shines for Ibusa) and Kanyia of Umukanyia. He has emerged as the champion of the cause of the social development of the town but an NGO will only help to foster a closer relationship between him and the youths of the town.


Prof Tony Arinze of the University of Port Harcourt occupies position 3. The erudite professor who is the leader of Ibusa community Development Union has hosted the present Governor of Delta State, His Excellency, Chief Emmanuel Ewetan Uduaghan, Barr Peter Nwaoboshi and other well meaning members of People’s Democratic Party in the state in the state and beyond hoping to bring developments to the town. His critics say he is often not readily accessible to the public and the Ibusa Community Development Union needs a website for the contributions of the people.


Barr Peter O. Nwaoboshi, the present chairman of People’s Democratic Party is the number 2 man in the town. The former State Commissioner currently enjoys the overwhelming blessing of the people of the town because of his support for the social development of the town. He was in 2009 honored by his kinsmen under the aegis Ibusa community Development Union. He needs to do more for the town.


Barr Princess Patricia Ajudua merits the number 1 position she currently enjoys because of the numerous social amenities she brought to the town in the year 2009. Her fame is growing in the town and many often forget that she originated from Rivers State . The current Minority Leader of the Delta State House of Assembly is touching the lives of people of the town. Many organizations are waiting to work with her.

By Emeka Esogbue 


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