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The Ibusa Town Everyone Has Heard of

The location of this town is superb geographically, thus its name "Igbo bi na uzo" meanining the Igbos living along the road.

Every Historian such as myself have come to also appreciate the history of the origin of the town which like most African societies began as a rural area. Cosider that what many historians failed to note is that much as it makes sense that some of its early settlers migrated from Isu, that particular Isu now lost to history, a good number of the town's early settlers have also migrated from Benin now in Edo State.

These were mostly tired people fleeing from the Ancient Benin to avois prosecution after its leader Eze Chima had mistakenly killed his opponent in a wrestling bout. Some of these people settled in Onicha-Ugbo, Issele-Uku, Onicha-Uku and finally Onitsha in the capital of Anambra state.

Ibusa has continued to witness alot of development socially, a fast one at that considering the fact that the town was first lit up in 1979. The Okpuzu falls is one great gift of nature to the town waiting to be explored and tranlated to another tourist centre in the country.

A call should therefore go the Authority concerned to make this a reality. There are geat achievers from this country some of whom are known to the world. One such man is Emmanuel Olisede a native of the town, now a national of Poland who plays for the Polish national team. There are also other people from the town who have distinguished themselves in several fields too numerous to mention here.

The town indeed prides itself as one of the fastest developing communities in though through self efforts in Delta state. You are welcome to Ibusa.

By Emeka Esogbue 


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