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This is an amazing opportunity to own 20 high-end video, ebook and software products. All products have state-of-the-art graphics and professional content.  In this exclusive offer you will get valuable software tools, top quality ebooks.....and all come with master resell rights.

With these amazing pre-made product packages you will have EVERYTHING you need to launch your online business and start making plenty of money online.....without doing any of the hard work!


Want To Know The Fastest, Cheapest Way to Get Your Online Business Off the Ground?

When I first started online I spent hours and hours of valuable time and effort trying to start my online internet business. I knew that although affiliate marketing can be very profitable, selling your own products and building your own, tangible business is the best long-term money-making strategy. That's what most of the successful online millionaires do.

So this involves creating and marketing your own products rights? So I spent plenty of time and money trying to create my own quality products and websites....and as many of you know, its hard work!
So when i finally discovered "resell rights" products and how you can simply buy the rights to top quality products without having to do ANY of the hard work, I was kicking myself!

Absolutely everything in the product creation process is taken care for you: creating pdf ebooks, creating videos, creating software, packaging it into a product, creating stunning graphics...etc. AND I discovered that you could even buy ready-made website packages selling these resell rights products. They come with sales pages, download pages and affiliate pages already made. Talk about a time-saver

So.....How Can YOU Make Money From These Products?

Product Sales

This is the most obvious way to start making money from resell rights products. If you buy products that come with Master Resell Rights you could also choose to include that in the sale to increase your conversion rate and add more value (however if you feel this would diminish the value of the product, don't include it).
Look for resell rights products that are either software or video training courses. These days ebooks have a lower perceived value and are harder to sell. Also, try to find products that come with ready-made, turnkey website package that include alls the sales material you will need, including affiliate pages.

Upsells and Downsells

A great way to use resell rights products is to put them into a sales funnel of different products you have. If you have a main product you are selling on your site, include the resell rights product as an upsell or a "one time offer" once customers have bought your main product. Another great idea is to put resell ads for rights products on your download/thank you pages to really optimize the value of every single customer.

Create Your Own Membership Site

This is by far the quickest way to create a membership sites in my opinion. Collect a bunch of top quality resell rights products and put them into a paid membership site (or free if you choose). This will however involve you purchasing membership software to create the site, but once its done, its a great way to earn plenty of recurring income!
There are a lot of people making a decent living from their membership site alone.
Charge a monthly fee for access to your archives/collection of resell rights products. Add new products monthly.

Resell Rights Collection Website

Create a website full of top quality resell rights products and organize them. Charge customers per item according to the products perceived value. This might take a while to collect a lot of resell rights but over time your website will grow and become very valuable.

Re-Package Into a Bundle

You could create a whole new offer for your customers by packaging a group of quality resell rights products together into one package and charge a great price. This can be very appealing. You can also use resell rights products as bonuses to other products.

 Use as Opt-in Bait

Resell rights products are the fastest way to come up with great opt-in bait on squeeze pages. If you offer a product to your subscribers they will be more inclined to opt in, especially if the product is valuable. Make sure you send them a download link to a separate page made especially for your free product because this will increase the customers perceived value of the product. Using resell rights products is the quickest way to give your customers something of value, and will also help to gain their interest and trust.

Use as Bonuses For Other Products

You can bundle these products with other another related product you're selling and use them as bonuses to increase the overall value of the sale.

Put On the Clickbank Marketplace

You could list these products on the Clickbank marketplace to recruit affiliate to make you even more sales. It will also increase your exposure and is a great way to boost your income.

BUT There's One Big Problem......

First of all, trying to create your own products is a huge undertaking (trust me, I know), and it can suck you dry of time, money and resources! Even if you outsource every step of the process thats A LOT of money you will have to fork out in the first place and can be a gamble.

Second of all, if you don't choose to create products yourself,  searching through dozens of resell rights websites with junky little eBooks can be very time consuming and finding high quality products with exceptional graphics can be a headache. There are mountains of resell rights products out there, and you will have to  search through all the junk and low-quality products to find anything really worth your effort.

What You Need Is a Way To Skip The 'Product Creation' Process Altogether and Get Started On Building Your Business and Making Serious Money Straight Away With Your Very Own High-Quality, High-Converting Info Products! 

And here's what you've been looking for........

PLR Product #1

Blogging Cash System

Discover The Step-By-Step, Super-Easy , Highly Profitable Secret System For Generating a Full-Time Income From Blogging.....In Just 6 Months!


MRR Product #2

Hits Buzz Software

This software generates a simple script that will give you all the information you need to manage your paid campaigns, find out what pages in your websites generate the most and least traffic, how and where traffic comes from and from what keywords, and helps you to optimize your pages and keyword campaigns.


MRR Product #3

CPA Profit Blueprint

Discover how to make money from CPA marketing in 7 days. Comprehensive ebook explains the ins and outs of CPA Marketing, profit strategies, how to get approved, how to find the best CPA offers, how to spy on you competition, PPC strategies and free traffic strategies.


MRR Product #4

eBay Profit Pack

This site sells customizable eBay niche affiliate websites that comes with 9 templates to choose from, an automatically updated date script, 30 niche-specific articles, list building integration, SEO optimization, and planty of quality products to promote.
Also includes a bonus 12-Part Video Course showing you how to get traffic to your sites, as well as 650 PLR Articles, and 52 ready-to-go  autoresponder messages!


MRR Product #5

Twitter Traffic

Great ebook shows you how to funnel Twitter followers to your websites, how to build a targeted list of followers, dirty marketing tactics the 'gurus' use to get hundreds of hungry buyers, proven strategies on how to optimize your Twitter account to get traffic on auto-pilot and much more....


MRR Product #6

Article Submitter Buzz Software

With this software you can send articles to the top 8 article directories in under a minute and  register to all article directories at once without going to their websites. This is a great way to boost your traffic fast!


PLR Product #7

List Building Bullet

In this ebook you will discover how to create massive email lists, how to fine tune your list building campaigns so they are attracting targeted buyers, the fastest methods of building a mailing list in any niche market, how to find hungry markets and much more!


MRR Product #8

Forum Marketing Secrets

In this 20-Part Video and Ebook Course you will learn: what to promote on forums, how to find the best forums to market on, how to create an effective signature, how to establish yourself as an expert, how to find the best threads to participate in, how to track your results, how to initiate a joint venture on a forum, 5 keys to forum marketing success and much more!


MRR Product #9

Testimonials Generator Software

This new push-button software creates powerful, easy, and convincing testimonials in just seconds! This software automatically writes proven, attention-getting reviews and recommendations with ease.


MRR Product #10

Newbies Guide To CPA

In this ebook you will discover the 2 types of CPA marketing and which one is better to start with and why, how to effectively combine both types of marketing, 10 powerful areas to specialize in espcially if you want 'no work' rewards, the 3 biggest problems most marketers face and the secrets to solve these problems, what type of offers you should sign up for and much more!


MRR Product #11

PDF Domination

12-Part Video Course
You will learn hot profit ideas and how to research them and give people exactly what they want, the secret product research site to help you create winning products, how to decide on the perfect format for your products and how this will increase customer loyalty, discover the #1 key to building a sustainable business online, learn the secret formula to succes, learn hot copywriting skills, offline fulfillment success and how to profit from physical products!


MRR Product #12

Auto Tweet Generator 

This valuable php script allows you to pre-load twitter messages just like like an autoresponder and then it will automatically tweet these messages for you 24/7!
Also comes with video demos.


MRR Product #13

Newb's Guide To Video Marketing

In this ebook you will learn exactly what video marketing is, how it can benefit your business, what makes a great video, how to actually make videos, where to get the software you need (free and paid), how to market your products using video, how to submit videos to grab traffic, how to host videos so they play faultlessly, free services that are a must have for video marketers, how to upload a video to your blog or webpage and much more!


MRR Product #14

Link Wheel Success

This is a 10-Part Video Course on how to get traffic by creating link wheels. Covers what link wheels are and hwo they work, keyword research for link wheels, getting content for link wheels, step-by-step how to create one, advances link wheeling, promoting your link wheels, outsourcing link wheel creations and much more!


PLR Product #15

Right Click Income

This is an amazing script that not only stops people from just right-clicking and stealing your content and graphics, it also makes an offer appear whenever people right click! With this pakacke you will get a complete, easy-to-edit mini site pre-coded with the 'Right Click Income' script, a One-Time-Offer template, 6 different testimonial boxes and a video tutorial!


MRR Product #16

Newbies Guide To Setting Up a Sales Funnel

In this complete ebook you will learn everything you need to create and opimize your sales funnel. You will learn about $1 offers, freebies, one-time-offers, price points, upsells and downsells, cross-sells, how to get maximum sales, how to creat killer squeeze pages and much more!


MRR Product #17

List Building Fast

This is a 2 Hour, 12-Part Video Course that also comes with a resource ebook. This covers choosing an autoreponder, autoreponders reviewed, building a list, co-registration, givaways, pay-per-lead, what to send to your list, building relationships, finding content for your list and much more.



MRR Product #18

8 Valuable Internet Marketing Scripts

This is a package of 8 internet marketing scripts!

1. Auto Countdown
Generates a countdown for your webpage. Great for product launches, fire sales, and givaways.

2. Auto Launcher
When a person goes to yoru website the countdown will start. If they leave and come back it will continue to countdown for them. When the countdown ends it will re-direct them to your new sales page.

3. Auto RSS
This will take any keyword and go and find blog posts, articles and videos about that keyword and display the information on yoru webpage.

4. Auto Squeeze
This is a floating email opt in box that will follow viewers as they read yoru sales letter. Will self-destruct in 90 seconds giving a sense of urgency.

5. Easy Cloaker
This will cloak your affiliate links and make them look like they're from your domain.

6. Easy Split Test
Test 2 or more different versions of your sales page. WIll even cookie the user's computer.

7. Easy Router
Stops spam complaints by singing up AOL and Hotmail email addresses to and all others to your Aweber account.

8. Mass URL
Creates mass tiny URLS and stops them from being blacklisted. Also saves a lot of time becuase you don't have to create lots of tiny urls.


MRR Product #19

PPC Marketing Millions

You will learn how to monoplize the marketplace and steal buyers, the only sure-fire way to increase yoru quality score and reduce your costs (CPC), how to dominate the msot competitive keywords and pay less for a higher ranking, how to scale up your system for maximum exposure, and how to set up the system in less than 25mins!



MRR Product #20

No Money System

This is a whopping 30-Part Video Training Course with a quick refernce guide included!
In this course you will learn how to rake in affiliate commission from scratch with no money down. Videos include; selecting niches, keyword research, setting up a Clickbank affiliate account, article marketing, how to set up a free url tracking program, how to create and setup a website for free, social bookmarking, monetization, hwo to blog and ping your blog, Squidoo, Hubpages, how to write and submit Press Releases, how to create videos for free, where to find royalty-free photos, how to edit images with GIMP, how to create video and audio using free software, submitting videos online, blog post marketing, and much much more!



PLUS!  You Will Also Get....

All Products Come With:

 1 Professional Sales Page! - complete with mini-site graphics, professionally written sales copy and a well presented product package. Simply replace with your name, your own price and your own payment button and you're good to go!

 1 Professional Download Page! - complete with download links for the entire video set and individual links to watch online to cater for your customers!

Some Also Come With:

 1 Professional Affiliate Page! - make more sales than the initial customer sale! Use the affiliate page as a foundation for creating your own affiliate program. Allow your affiliates and customers to promote your product and personalize all their resources within seconds! Fully compatible with all 3rd party affiliate programs!

An Email Broadcast! - complete with persuasive, pre-selling, pre-formatted plain text for a copy and paste solution. Just replace with your name and link to your website and let your subscribers know!

 5-Part Auto-Responder! - squeeze every last bit of profit from your visitors as possible and turn tyre-kickers into red hot hyper-active buyers! Simply replace your auto-responder with your name and website link and plug into your auto-responder series for an instant eCourse!

 1-Click Copy Code For Affiliates! - selecting, copying and pasting snippets of code is no fun for affiliates. Your 1-click copy button encourages your affiliates to work faster and to become more motivated selling for you!

 Animated Banners And Graphics! - it's no suprise that the more resources you provide for your affiliates, the more ways people can find your site and the more traffic you'll get. You'll get access to 5 animated banners and promotional graphics which are also integrated into your affiliate page!

 Integrated Tell-A-Friend Script! - this script alone costs $97 but is integrated into your affiliate page for free! The tell-a-friend form allows your affiliates and customers to spread their links bringing in more sales for you!


Fast Action BONUS #1

You will also receive a comprehensive 12-Part Video Training Course that  teaches you everything you need to know about making money using resell rights products! This course is great value and will help you to kick-start your online business and also provides you with plenty of new money-making ideas. This is almost 2 hours of quality content!

To help you further, the video course is arranged into one interactive software that allows you to flick throught the videos at speed and start where you left off. Everything is kept in one file on this cool looking learning platform!

       This Course covers:

Video #1 - Introduction

See what you will learn in the program and understand the basics of resale rights and why they are potentially so valuable to you.

Running Time: 11min 53s

Video #2 - What Are The Rights?

Learn the four main types of rights available to you and what you can use them for. See a simple rights statement too.

Running Time: 15min 46s

Video #3 - Using PLR

Learn the benegits of PLR products and why they are so good for you. Plus, learn how to make PLR your own for maximum profit.

Running Time: 14min 41s

Video #4 - Using MRR/RR Products

Understand the many benefits of master resell rights and resell rights products and how you can profit from them too.

Running Time: 5min 31s

Video #5 - Finding Products With Resell Rights

Discover some of the best places to find resell rights products as well as the one place you must avoid at all costs.

Running Time: 9min 10s

Video #6 - Finding Products - Part 1

See a great way to find profitable resell right products and understand exactly what to look out for when buying these products

Running Time: 12min 10s

Video #7 - Finding Products - Part 2

Discover a great places to find unique and hot resell rights products that aren't avaliable anywhere else. Best of all, is the incredible prices, only on offer here though!

Running Time: 12min 10s

Video #8 - Finding Products - Part 3

See probably the best place online to find resell rights products Here you will find products for every niche imaginable and all very affordable.

Running Time: 6min 41s

Video #9 - Uses Of PLR

Learn the many different ways you can use Private Label Rights products in order to earn the maximum profit possible.

Tunning Time: 6min 59s

Video #10 - Maximizing Value

Learn how to maximize the value of your offering in order to increase your potential profit significantly. These tactics are used by all of the very best resellers online.

Running Time: 6min 21s

Video #11 - Selling Your Product

If you're selling products with rights for pennies, you're missing the point completely, here we give tips on how to sell your products for the best price possible and how to keep at the top of the market.

Running Time: 6min 16s

Video #12 - Summary

The content of the course is summarized, with the key points being presented to you, plus a quick profit action plan for you.

Running Time: 6min 53s


Fast Action BONUS 



A HUGE Selection of Useful Tools for Yourself.
Remember, this is not just about making a massive income as a reseller. You'll also own a huge collection of Ebooks and Software that are loaded with insider tips, handy tricks and useful tools




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